Making Sense of California’s Water Restrictions

Water drop photoWith summer’s blistering ever-present heat, northstate residents are facing serious water issues.

Since the California State Water Resources Control Board implemented its new drought emergency water conservation measures on July 29th, many cities have implemented water use restrictions.

To learn more about California’s water restrictions and really understand what’s called for, click here.

One Response

  1. I am in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. To me, once a default is verified three times, the punitive action need be little hard. I propose that besides the financial penalty, the defaulter should be taken to the task through (i) an house arrest with no water being supplied by any means for just “Three Days” to feel the derth of water at place and time of it’s requirement, (ii) put the defaulters in prison with rigorous punishment for couple of days,say 100 days. In either case may allow just 50 litres of water per capita per day to let defaulter(s) realise the importance of water(1.5 litres for cleaning teeth twice a day;4.5 litres for drinking; 9 litres for cooking and washing utensils;15 litres for bathing and washing essential cloths and 20 litres for using wash rooms twice a day). Each of us, particularly the defaulter(s) must categoricaly understand that, next to air, water is the vital most natural gift for the very existance and sustenance of the life(any flora and fauna) on this planate earth including the defaulter. It is impossible to manufacture water (using naturally available/man-made oxygen and hydrogen) to meet any body’s even the critical requirements(drinking, growing food material), forget of water manufacturing for luxurious life (for deriving comforts resulting in to the generation of waste water). By wasting water, the defaulter is enchroching upon the natural rights of other human being and living species. All scientific and engineering corrective actions to follow only for the treatment of waste water to render it reusable for gaingul purposes.

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