Bats are helping to balance our ecosystem

Bats - Mexican Free-tail

Humans have an innate fear of bats. But there’s little reason behind this and much to be learned about these small winged creatures.

For example, bats are warm-blooded mammals. And they’re the only mammals naturally capable of true and sustained flight. More importantly, bats are pollinators, helping to disperse and distribute fruit seeds. And they help keep agricultural insects and pests at bay by consuming them. Without bats, we’d be forced to use huge amounts of toxic pesticides just to keep up.

I came across this fascinating video of what’s thought to be the largest gathering of Mexican free-tailed bats, which summer in a large cave near San Antonio. Not surprisingly, their habitat is being threatened by developers. Watch the video and keep your fingers crossed that these special creatures can keep this important habitat for generations to come. If not, the impact of this shortsightedness could be devastating for both the bats and the environment.


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