Bats could survive better with the help of a Chevrolet by-product

Bats may have a chance to survive the devastating white nose fungus through GM's adhesive, photo by Isidro Vila Verde, flickr

GM’s adhesive may give bats a chance to survive the devastating white nose fungus, photo by Isidro Vila Verde, flickr

Much has been in the news about the devastating white nose fungus that has killed more than 5.7 million bats to date in the U.S .and Canada. As yet there is no cure for this syndrome but there could be a remedy from a surprising source.

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Trillions of gallons of water wasted in the U.S.

Water wasted thru water main breakIf you think that slow leak or drip doesn’t add up, think again. A report revealed that Americans waste 2.1 trillion (with a T) gallons of water each year due to old and leaky infrastructure such as aging and leaky pipes, broken water mains and faulty meters.

Listen to this segment from NPR. Then maybe it’s really time – and cost-effective – for cities and residents to invest those funds to repair and replace those old pipes before more of our growingly scarce water gets wasted.

GMO Approval Process FINALLY Being Scrutinized

Genetically modified organismIt had to happen. Finally, a request has been made by Congress that the FDA’s and USDA’s review process for genetically engineered products finally come under scrutiny by the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

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You’re Never Too Old to Live Your Dream!

Editor’s note:       The following is not a “green” story. But perhaps the stories within it will touch and inspire you to reach out and capture the dream that you’ve always dreamed about.

Jack Kilpatrick, one of the Flying Octegenarians, whose living his dream in his '80's' photo by Debra Atlas

Jack Kilpatrick (left), one of the Flying octogenarians, whose living his dream in his ’80’s’ photo by Debra Atlas

Life can get in the way of achieving our dreams. After a certain point, or age, many of us figure it’s too late to grasp that brass ring. But after speaking to a few octogenarian pilots at a FAA Safety Team (FAAST) training seminar I attended this past weekend, I’d say age doesn’t have to be a stumbling block.

While the large majority of the pilot attendees were over 55, many were over 65. Five were 80+, and most of them were still flying.

Click here to learn what these older pilots had to say about how and why they went after their dreams and how they’re still thrilling among those wide blue skies.

Planting The Future: Forest Conservation Initiative Takes Root

Sustainable land stewardship would help prevent clearcutting and bring economic growth to depressed regions. Photo by Debra Atlas

Sustainable land stewardship would help prevent clearcutting and bring economic growth to depressed regions. Photo by Debra Atlas

Our forests are under siege. Climate change, drought, insect infestations and wildfires are devastating what’s left of our old and second growth forests.

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Dutch company develops a self-cleaning paint – a sustainable innovation

Painting house exterior

Homeowners know that the exterior paint job on their home will only last so long – about ten years or so. Then it’s time to do it all again!

But Dutch chemical and coatings company AkzoNobel has been working on the problem and they’ve come up with an innovative solution. One of the company’s product developers, Dr. Peter Greenwood, figured out that by adding colloidal silica to its paints, it would last up to 16 year – 25 percent longer than the standard product.

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Another informative take on GMO foods from Bill Nye

For those who have questions as to what the fuss is all about with genetically modified foods or mandatory labeling for foods with GMO ingredients, you’re in luck! The Science Guy Bill Nye helps explain it well.

You’ll enjoy seeing it explained with humor as well as facts.