The top 5 pesticide covered fruits and veggies

Produce. Pesticide pic

These days, it’s crucial to be an educated consumer. If you’re not, you and your family are inadvertently getting tons of toxic chemicals in your diet.

A report from the USDA Pesticide Data Program was just released listing the top pesticide laden fruits and veggies and you’ll want to pay attention to this. There may be a surprise or 2 on the list. It’s easy enough to avoid this toxic food landmine. You have choices, and speaking up for what you want and don’t want is a key factor, more than ever before. Whether you buy organic or just ask a lot of questions when you’re at the supermarket, don’t assume what you’re buying is healthy for you. Find out what you can and you’ll eat healthier, with less chemicals.

If buying organic at the grocery store isn’t in your budget, check out a nearby farmers market. Be sure to ask questions before or as you buy. Know what you’re getting! You’ll be ever so glad you did.

To see the fruits and veggies that made the toxic list this year, click here.


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