Bats could survive better with the help of a Chevrolet by-product

Bats may have a chance to survive the devastating white nose fungus through GM's adhesive, photo by Isidro Vila Verde, flickr

GM’s adhesive may give bats a chance to survive the devastating white nose fungus, photo by Isidro Vila Verde, flickr

Much has been in the news about the devastating white nose fungus that has killed more than 5.7 million bats to date in the U.S .and Canada. As yet there is no cure for this syndrome but there could be a remedy from a surprising source.

General Motors found that an adhesive used in production of the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray serve as a stalactite in artificial bat caves. Artificial stalactites give hibernating bats more surface area to hang from, which has them spread out more around the cave. This is encouraging as it provides the potential to slow the spread of the disease through a bat population.

Bats are an integral part of the ecosystem, particularly in regards to healthy agriculture.  A single bat eats up to 5,000 insects a night, which means farmers can use fewer pesticides. They’re also pollinators, helping to repopulate plants and maintain forests.

International bat experts from such non-governmental organizations as Bat Conservation International and the Organization for Bat Conservation are reviewing General Motor’s application for the use of its adhesive. Bat projects have been a part of GM for several years. The company also creates bat houses out of scrap Chevrolet Volt battery covers that can hold up to 150 little brown bats each.

Let’s hope that this innovative use of a product that normally would have ended up in a landfill will make a difference in helping bat populations survive this disastrous disease. And kudos to GM for realizing what they have could make a difference.



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