The Climate Change Debate doesn’t really need to happen

Now that the election is behind us and the Republicans are in power in both houses of Congress, it’s easy to anticipate that climate change legislation is in trouble, along with the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act and perhaps even the Endangered Species Act.

Before the election, I attended a debate between the local incumbent Congressman and his opponent (a Democrat). During the debate, when the question was asked as to what the Congressman thought was the most serious issue related to climate change, his response was, in essence, “it’s all misinformation.” A climate change denier out of the closet.

If you missed it, here’s a terrific example of how ridiculous such a debate can really be, demonstrated so very well by John Oliver and Bill Nye.

Yet amazingly – perhaps only to the climate change deniers – 97 percent of scientists agree that climate change is real and is caused by humans. So why are we still debating the issue that’s resolved?

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