Oregon’s measure to label GMO’s is still alive!

News flash

Truman versus Dewey picture

Votes are still being counted. Oregon could still pass mandatory labeling

With all the media reporting – some gleefully – that Oregon’s mandatory labeling for GMO’s measure went down in flames, it seems that the news may be premature. It brings to mind the famous picture of President Truman holding up the newspaper with the headline proclaiming Dewey won the presidential race when in fact Truman ended up the winner.

News keeps eking out that the ballots are still being counted. The Center for Food Safety Action Fund says there are still 5,300 ballots still to be counted and the “Yes on 92” measure is less than one-half of one percent behind right now. Also the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office has just announced that there are more than 13,000 contested ballots. This can occur for many reasons. The upshot is there seems to be a real chance that the measure could actually pass, making Oregon the 4th state to enact such a measure.

Stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed. More info to come on this amazing race!


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