One million trees planted by web search engine in one year

Ecosia graphic

Web browser Ecosia has helped plant one million trees this past year – and they’re not stopping!

We’ve been steadily losing forests around the globe, the ramifications of which are seriously impacting our weather. One company has taken on this issue and is “walking the talk” to help reforestation.

Ecosia, a search engine that uses a large percentage of the proceeds to help with reforestation, just announced it has planted one million trees in the rainforest over this past year, thanks to folks who installed their free browser extension. Through consumer use of their website, particularly for browsing and purchasing at retailers, Ecosia donated at least 80 percent of its total revenue towards the tree planting efforts.

Ecosia founder Christian Kroll says the company’s next mission is to plant one billion new trees by the year 2020.

To accomplish this, Ecosia has somewhat tweaked it’s business model. Starting this month, the web browser will donate at least 80 percent of its surplus (total revenue minus operating costs) to tree planting, instead of 80 percent of its total revenue. The rest of surplus will be saved for big, upcoming investments – which include launching new Ecosia products.  As the company values transparency, it plans to publish business reports every month together with certified donation receipts.

To learn more about Ecosia’s ambitious plan to plant one billion trees in five years, join the free webinar on Thursday, November 20 at 6 p.m. CET with Ecosia’s founder for details.

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