Search engine makes large strides planting trees in Africa

Drought in Africa

Deforestation and drought are issues that have become global problems. Nowhere is it more obvious than in Africa. Decades of drought have devastated parts of Burkina Faso, a country tucked between Nigeria, Mali, Senegal and Guinea in western Africa. Without water, neither people nor plants or animals have been able to survive, turning more and more of this once-fertile land into desert. Famine, disease and violent conflict have been just some of the overwhelming consequences.

But a special tree-planting method is allowing new trees to grow and survive.

Ecosia, a search engine whose users contribute to  the company’s global tree planting initiative, has partnered with numerous expert tree planting partners. These include WeForest.

They work on-site with local communities to select planting areas, purchase the seeds and protect the new trees as they grow.

Benefits of the new forests include:

  • More rain (return of the water cycle)
  • More native plants and animals (biodiversity)
  • Carbon sequestration (climate change mitigation)
  • Sustainable-use educational programs
  • Revival of local economy
  • Empowerment of women through earning opportunities
  • More children in school

Their tree planting projects are part of the Great Green Walla plan to re-green a coast-to-coast strip of AfricaBacked by the World Bank and the African Union, this initiative has the potential to change the environmental and socio-economic face of the continent.

Butter shea trees - just one of the types of trees being planted as part of the Great Green Wall

Butter shea trees – just one of the types of trees being planted as part of the Great Green Wall

Planting trees in Burkina Faso is also cost-effective – .#28 EUR per tree instead of $1 USD in Brazil. This means donations yield more trees per month than before – three new trees planted every minute! The goal is to plant up to 4 million trees per year, resulting in the restoration of 4000 hectares annually in the northern provinces of Burkina Faso.

Helping reforest the plant has never been easier. With just a simple search on Ecosia, everyone can help plant a tree. It’s nice to know that using the internet can make a difference.


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