Most and least eco-friendly states

WalletHub most-and-least-eco-friendly-states-badgeBillions of taxpayer dollars are being devoted to environmental protection efforts and energy costs., which eat up a significant portion of the average household’s take-home. Today, the personal finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2015’s Most & Least Eco-Friendly States. The report showcases the areas doing right by Mother Earth and calls out those seemingly intent on spoiling things for future generations.

The report compared each state in terms of 14 key metrics that speak to the health of the current environment as well as the environmental impact of people’s daily habits. Here are a few highlights.. 

Most Eco-Friendly States Least Eco-Friendly States
1 Vermont 41 Wyoming
2 Oregon 42 Oklahoma
3 New York 43 Delaware
4 Minnesota 44 Arkansas
5 Massachusetts 45 West Virginia
6 Washington 46 Alabama
7 New Hampshire 47 Indiana
8 Rhode Island 48 Kentucky
9 Connecticut 49 Texas
10 Hawaii 50 Louisiana

Surprisingly, California – which has held a long-standing reputation as a green state – didn’t make the best list. It’s eco-friendly behaviors ranking  – which ranks CO2 emissions, solid waste per capita, along with air,  water and soil quality – was #15. But its environmental quality rank – which factors in things like the of green (LEED) buildings, energy efficiency and consumption, gas and water consumption, energy from renewable resources and green transportation – was a poor 46. Clearly the state has a ways to go with its green efforts.

It’s a fascinating report. Click here to see where your state ranks.


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  1. The American State Litter Scorecard ( used 11 metrics, mostly hard science numbers and a few measures from professional peer consensus (the Scorecard does not review air or water metrics). For “Most Eco-Friendly States,” New York and Massachusetts have questionable performance metrics; Hawaii and Minnesota are “emerging eco-friendly.” Shocked CA not on list! Minus high total death rates from vehicle crashes with road litter, the Golden State did well or scored tops on most Scorecard indicators, that include having an universal, effective anti-litter slogan campaign, comprehensive recycling, low per person daily waste disposals, and relevant government performnace gauges that influence or lessen illicit solid waste placement onto properties. “Least Eco-Friendly States” Delaware and Alabama should be taken off the list, their outward eco- actions have notably improved of recent times, according to Scorecard data (maybe those two failed on air and water numbers). Rapidly declining Michigan and both stubbornly anti-green Nevada and South Carolina need to be included. Michigan is the largest peopled Scorecard “worst” government, while the latter two are #1 and #2 “worst,” respectively

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