Bolivia’s new solar powered car could benefit from solar innovation

Bolivia's solar car

Bolivian university students have created and are road testing a solar-powered car. Outfitted with eight large solar panels, this boxy-looking vehicle runs silently through the streets. Check out the video here.

Bolivia's solar car 2

Its lithium battery lets it run at speeds up to 70 kilometers per hour (approximately 43.5 mph) and allows it to store energy continuously. Although it can’t travel as quickly as conventional cars, it makes up for that in innovation, a price tag well under any new car’s sticker price, and a definite “wow” factor.

Boliva_low-cost silent solar car

But this innovative car could surely benefit from the many innovations in solar panels, not the least of which would be the size of the panels themselves. Solar innovations now include significantly smaller cells, even a promising spray-on solar cell. Imagine what this vehicle would look like using any of these newer solar “panels”. Then designers would really have a heyday creating a super futuristic car. Imagine THAT car’s wow factor!!

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