Buyers beware – organics from China may be hazardous to our health

Walmart misrepresents products as Organic - againThe demand for organic foods continues to grow. But should we blithely accept something that’s USDA certified as safe?

The USDA admittedly is understaffed and is unable to inspect more than a small percent of the food that bears its label. Add to this that the organic certification has been watered down over the past few years and, unless consumers speak up loudly, it will continue this trend.

But there’s even more to be concerned about. Food from China that’s been certified organic is proving to have a number of real and serious problems we need to be aware of. A great article in yesterday’s Epoch Times details reasons we should be concerned.

Walmart misrepresents products as Organic - againFraudulent labeling and serious environmental pollution are just two issues that should give American consumers pause before purchasing “certified organic” food that originates from China. Yet again, it behooves us to be as educated and informed as possible about what we purchase and not to simply trust something if it’s certified by a US government agency.

A cynical perspective? Maybe, but the reality is without mandatory labeling of what’s in our food and an ability to track where it came from and how it was produced, we’re taking a shot in the dark every time we purchase food products. Wonder what it would take for the USDA to put some rigorous spine into its certification? Maybe this is just a pipe dream. But could public demand – spoken loudly and by large segments of the population – help turn the tide?

It’s worth considering.

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