Smaller countries like Costa Rica are leading the way to carbon neutrality

Wind turbines on the coastline

Are larger countries in the world at a disadvantage when it comes to embracing renewable energy? In the United States, for example, the monied oil lobby has made itself clear it will do whatever it can to put stumbling blocks in the way of renewable energy being fully adopted nationally.

Countries such as Costa Rica may have an unexpected edge in this regard. Smaller and with fewer resources, this Latin American country has used its creativity and resolve to educate its population as fully as possible about the importance of renewable energy, recycling and protecting the environment. True it was sometimes an uphill and long battle, but the success of the journey is easily seen.

From May until November of this year, Costa Rica will be solely and completely run on renewable energy power. What other country in the world can say that? And as the video shows, since Costa Rica declared that it would become the first carbon neutral country in the world by 2021, a number of other small countries have signed onto this venture as well.

Perhaps larger, richer countries don’t step out this way because they have too much. Or perhaps its a case of “we don’t have to yet, so we won’t.” Whatever the reason, it’s likely that this backward thinking is in serious need of revamping. Business as usual isn’t good enough any more. The effects of climate change are becoming more graphic and too important to ignore. Renewable energy is the future and clearly fossil fuels are the past that we Americans need to be weaned from. Now if our politicians would only see this and take action that’s in our best interests rather than their own.

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