New crowdfunding platform for “green’ projects

Earthcrowdfunder logo

Most people have heard of or even participated in some sort of crowdfunding campaign. Names like Indegogo and Kickstarter seem to be the most familiar platforms for a vast array of funding opportunities.

Now there’s a new star on the horizon, one that’s geared towards green projects. Earthcrowdfunder is the first crowdfunding platform designed specifically for environmental and sustainable projects.

This new site was created in January by Evan Swaak, currently a senior studying environmental science at the University of Denver. Realizing there was no crowdfunding site dedicated to environmentally-related projects, he decided to create one.


Launched just one month ago, at present there are only two campaigns listed on the site.

Azzura Solar, is a solar company committed to purchasing solar panels for Indonesians without electricity. In just two years, they’ve already installed 100 solar power systems and distributed than 300 solar lights throughout the country. Through this crowdfunding program they hope to raise $3,000 to be able to distribute over 330 more lights to Indonesians who need them.

Water (drip)

The second project open on the site is Puredrift, a non-profit organization seeking to purchase water filters to bring to Central and South American communities that lack access to clean drinking water.  As their video says, 1 in 9 people in the world have difficulty getting clean water to drink and use. This project, if funded, will allow the project’s creators to raise $7,500 to purchase water filters, then allow them to distribute information, tools and the filters to towns and villages between Mexico and Ecuador, helping communities reclaim natural resources and acquire clean, safe, and potable drinking water.

Donate what you can to help these worthwhile campaigns. And spread the word about Let’s hope this platform grows as a wonderful incubator for many worthy green-related to-be-funded projects yet to come.

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