Would General Mills support national GMO labeling? They say yes.

GMO rice graphic

Journalists must walk a fine line between reporting and becoming (or even perceived as) an activist. While I do my best to walk that line professionally (though at times I admittedly do “fall down” on one side or the other of an issue), in my personal life I sign a large number of online petitions for causes I feel strongly about.

It’s rare, though, to receive a response – even a “canned” one – from one of these petitions. But that’s what happened.

In response to a petition I signed recently asking General Mills to support mandatory FDA labeling of foods with genetically modified ingredients (GMO’s) in them, here’s the response I got via email. Very interesting. Let me know what you think.

Thank you for your email.

General Mills believes food labeling regulations should be set at the national level, not state-by-state – and most companies hold the same view.

General Mills supports a national standard for labeling of non-GMO products. The U.S. standard for organic food products is an excellent model in our view. Organic certification and labeling standards are established at the national level, not state-by-state, and that enables organic food producers to reliably certify and label products as organic – regardless of the state they’re produced in or where they’re sold. 

That works for organic farmers – and it also provides a clear, consistent label upon which organic consumers in all 50 states can rely. National labeling standards just make sense.

We do know that some consumers may prefer products made without GMO ingredients. That’s why General Mills offers our consumers a choice of organic and non-GMO alternatives in most of our major categories in the U.S. In effect, the national organic certification and labeling standards enable us to reliably offer consumers non-GMO product choices in all 50 states. We believe consumers looking for non-GMO products would be helped by a national labeling standard for non-GMO products as well.


General Mills Consumer Relations

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