New affordable ways to help Republic of Change reforest the planet

I Give Trees planting.2I recently wrote a story on how Republic of Change was empowering people to help with reforestation efforts. Their crowdfunding campaign aims to plant 100,000 trees and to have as many people as possible engage in its efforts. Their initiative will help remove 100,000 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. Trees are the best option we have to do this, by the way.

Now the company has come up with new perks to help the campaign get from 50,000 to its 100,000 goal as quickly as possible.

You can still pledge $1 and plant one tree. Every dollar counts! But here are some new options.

  • Get a beautiful holiday card and tree gift for people you care about. It’s made of 100% post industrial recycled paper and has herb seeds embedded on the card stock that sprout when placed in soil. Each card is $3.75. You can view pictures here.
  • Why not plant 10 trees and pick up a commemorative t-shirt designed by artist Jason Carne (of Harley Davidson, Foo Fighters and Live Nation fame) for $30? The shirt’s organic, Fair Trade and beautifully cut. It’ll be your next favorite t-shirt! Pictures here.
  • Or you could plant 120 trees, get the t-shirt, and get 3 nights accommodation in over 160 countries with NightSwapping (like Airbnb), and there a few other goodies – all for just $100. When is the last time you paid $33 per night to stay in Paris, New York or San Francisco? Check out details here.

We’re losing 4 BILLION trees every year folks. Isn’t it time to step up and help stop this travesty? Give as little or as much as you can to help make this crucial environmental venture a success. The trees you plant may be the air your children and grandchildren breathe and beauty they enjoy.

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