2,000 year old Florida cypress tree to be cloned

Lady Liberty 2000 yr old Florida Cypress treeThe world has lost over 90 percent of its forests. We’re feeling the impact of this with increasing weather “events”.

One non-profit organization has been stepping up to help turn the tide by cloning and preserving some of our oldest and largest champion trees. And the latest example is Lady Liberty, a 2,000 year old bald cypress tree in Florida.

Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, an organization we’ve written much about over the past few years, has plans to scale this magnificent 89 foot tall tree sometime today and collect samples and genetic material so that they can clone and preserve it as part of their genetic living library of trees.

“Lady Liberty” has a 10-foot diameter and a 32-foot circumference. She stands in Longwood, Florida, only feet away from another famous giant –  the approximately 3,500-year-old tree known as “The Senator” that burned down in 2012.

Many thanks to Archangel and its founder David Milarch for their continued efforts to preserve our nation’s heritage of trees so that our children’s children will be able to enjoy the majesty of Nature.

3 Responses

  1. FLORIDA the Sunbelt’s only “best”government in the American State Litter Scorecard (litter scorecard.com) outside California.

    • Greg:

      I’m more than happy to be wrong but I keep finding this statistic and have for some time. The #’s may even be worse that this overall for the planet. BUT if you do find another figure, please let me know.

      Happy holidays!

  2. Really? 90%?…. a fact check is in order as I have severe doubts about that number…. I love trees and support a proactive project to manage/preserve this valuable and amazing resource, but my gut says the numbers don’t add up.

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