When it comes to organic brands, it’s fascinating to see who owns who

Organic chart - who owns who January 2016

In the corporate world, money talks. And more corporate giants have been jumping on the organic bandwagon over the past few years. That’s due to the ever-increasing popularity of and demand for organic food product offerings.

But this trend has made for some very strange and sometimes suspicious bedfellows. After all, when titans of junk food, processed food and sugary beverages acquire brands long known for their top quality organic products, shouldn’t consumers be concerned that the quality will change? And isn’t that concern justified?

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Fake trees to fight climate change – really?

Photo by Deep Root, flickr

Photo by Deep Root, flickr

Trees are a really good defense against climate change. They sequester a large amount of CO2 and add oxygen to the air. They also help prevent erosion and add nutrients to the soil, along with providing habitat to a variety of birds and other creatures.

And adding trees to an urban landscape also helps provide shade, cool and beauty to an urban jungle. So why promote the idea of adding fake trees to cities as a potential and partial solution to climate change?

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News of Ringling Brothers’ plan to retire elephants could be a slippery slope

The news yesterday was excitingly hopeful. Ringling announced plans to retire its elephants this May rather than wait another year and a half as originally planned.

They are going to retire like everyone does – to Florida,” said Stephen Payne of parent company Feld Entertainment, ABC News reported. Payne said that the 11 elephants currently on tour will travel to roughly 14 more cities before May, at which time they will be transferred to the company’s 200-acre Center for Elephant Conservation in central Florida.

Ringling Bros Circus elephant act

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100 percent recycled asphalt to be used for bike lanes

Bike path pic

The Netherlands has one-upped the rest of the world yet again. Previously it was with their solar powered bike path, which opened in 2014 in a suburb outside of Amsterdam. In a country where there are admittedly more bikes than people, the government’s commitment to sustainability and innovation is inspiring.

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