Sale of primeval forests puts Central American Cloud Forest in jeapordy

Cloud forest 3Out-of-control pests and unsustainable logging practices.are killing our world’s forests. The latest victim-in-progress are Guatemala’s Cloud Forests of Cerro El Amay. Home to thousands of acres of untouched primeval trees and thriving diverse ecosystems, the local Maya have begun selling off the ancient forests which they had held in commons.

And logging has begun. Already a five-acre area has been clear-cut.

NGO The Cloud Forest Conservation Initiative wants to stop this travesty, especially as there appears to be one individual poised to purchase this entire area for the sole purpose of logging it.

Cloud forest clear cutCFCI wants to raise funds to create a Protected Core in the heart of the forest. From there they plan to expand the conservation zone until the entire forest land is protected.

This magnificent forest land, which has barely been explored, is filled with new species, beautiful caves and sink holes with their own unique ecosystems. Beginning Tuesday, March 8th, CFCI will be on the ground in Guatemala. They’ll be purchasing as many tracts as possible for conservation, and exploring some incredible features that have never been seen except from above. This includes a river that flows out of the mountain, through steep canyons and then back into the mountain again. It’s unlikely anyone has ever seen this.

Cloud Forest 2The Cloud Forest Conservation Initiative’s mission is to stop the logging and save this incredible place.

The forest is losing 1 acre every day. As a Call to Action, CCFI has created a crowdfunding campaign. A $135 donation will save one acre. Time is short and land sales are happening. We cannot afford to lose another magnificent ancient forest.

For more information, check out their website or Facebook page.

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