200 lions to be killed in Zimbabwe – yet they’re threatened or endangered elsewhere

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of Zimbabwe’s largest and most successful wildlife reserves, the Bubye Valley Conservancy, recently announced that its population of 500 lions is unsustainable, and their numbers must be reduced by at least 200.

Since the world outcry regarding the trophy hunting kill of Cecil the black-maned lion, trophy hunters have definitely scaled back, though they’re still “enjoying” their kills. But the number of lions in Bubye are vying for diminishing resources, much of this due to human proliferation, and this creates problems.

But here are some important facts and questions that should be addressed before any culling (read killing) takes place

  • Over the past 20 years, there’s been a 42 percent decline in the world’s lion population.
  • Currently there are only 20,000 left in all of Africa – down from 200,000 just 100 years ago.
  • Lions are extinct in 7 African countries
  • The African Wildlife Foundation lists lions as “vulnerable”.
African lion mother resting with cub, photo by Suzi Eszterhas Minden

African lion mother resting with cub, photo by Suzi Eszterhas Minden

Yet Zimbabwe aims to kill 200 of them?

Clearly the answers aren’t simple and alternatives would cost money. But can’t we, with our creative abilities and already proven conservation methods, come up with something better that will ensure the future of this species for them and (our own children) rather than killing these magnificent animals?

Endangered animals have been rounded up and taken to zoos (just look at the 18 elephants that stolen and taken to American zoos). They’ve also been taken to areas where they have a chance to thrive with ample resources to sustain them. Surely there’s a better answer available to the Zimbabwe powers that be!

If you agree, please click here to speak up and (hopefully) stop this travesty. Lions deserve better than this.

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