Help innovators save our oldest champion trees

Archangel-Ancient-Tree-Archive 1The world has lost over 90 percent of its old growth forests. And we’ve lost 95 percent of our magnificent redwoods. Those that remain are threatened by logging and climate change-related insect epidemics.

While a number of organizations and NGOs are working on reforestation projects around the globe, one group has been striving to save the remaining “champion” ancient trees and their genetics for future generations to appreciate.

Michigan-based Archangel Ancient Tree Archive has been the subject of a number of articles on this site. Its co-founder, David Milarch, is the visionary whose task has been to find these ancient trees and organize a crew to gather the genetic material from them so they can be cloned and regrown, ultimately to be planted in new forests around the world.

Milarch and his crew are coming to northern California in May to gather and collect material from some of the oldest, tallest and most important trees on Earth – the Coast Redwoods and Giant Sequoias. They’ll then travel to the San Francisco Bay area and to southern Oregon and participate in planting ceremonies of trees that had previously been cloned and grown, helping to create a new forest of redwoods for future generations.

Archangel-Ancient-Tree-Archive 2

Trees that were cloned from champion redwoods and sequoias, ready for replanting

You can help make this trip a success.

A team of professional climbers from Bartlett Arborist Supply are donating their time to this important project. Where you come in is helping to manage the expenses of this project. As a small non-profit, Archangel needs help to cover travel expenses, including flights, inexpensive motels and rental cars.

But the picture is so much bigger.

This journey will create and further a legacy – preserving healthy genetics from old growth giants that will be lovingly and painstakingly propagated into saplings from cuttings. These will later be replanted at future new forest sights. And trees collected from this trip capture carbon from the atmosphere for generations to come. It’s a major win for the environment and for the planet.

Milarch and Archangel have successfully developed tree cloning techniques for these important ancient trees that the scientific community frankly said couldn’t be done.

Giant sequoias like these could disappear with out your help

Giant sequoias like these could disappear with out your help

To continue this vital work requires partnership. Your gift today will help create that living legacy – one that your children’s children will be able to enjoy.

So click here to go to their Fundraising page. Enter what you can give, whether it’s a one-time only or as a regular supporter. You even have the opportunity to Become a Fundraiser yourself by clicking on the green button.

Whichever route you go, know that your support helps create the very air we breathe and helps to create vital habitat for some of our most endangered or threatened wildlife.

Take action today. A little goes a long way. Mother Nature thanks you for your help!

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