Back again – from a new home

Bentsen St. Park, Hidalgo Cty

I know that many have wondered if this blog is still alive and, if so, what’s happened to it.

The answer is that I’ve been in the midst of a major move – one that’s taken me 2,550 miles across the country. Preparing for such move was a BIG undertaking and took much effort and focus. Sad to say, this site suffered my neglect in the process.

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New certification lets consumers know products are fully Non-Genetically Engineered

PrintThe controversy of GMO versus non-GMO continues. The state of Vermont appears to be a pivotal factor in getting food manufacturers to finally begin labeling their products despite the huge pushback and enormous amounts of money thrown against the mandatory labeling fight.

Another sign that consumers will finally get the information as to what’s in their food that they consistently report they want has appeared. Continue reading

Can Africa’s Massai protect its wildlife with this innovative conservation idea?

African lionsPoaching and illicit wildlife trafficking are decimating Africa’s iconic wildlife. African elephants and rhinos are seriously at risk of becoming extinct in the wild in our lifetime.

The Maasai – a semi-nomadic people who live predominately in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania along the Great Rift Valley – have been fighting for decades to defend their land, their environment and their wildlife. Poachers,  billionaires who want to buy up their traditional lands for safari lodges, and sketchy government officials are their main opponents to their way of life.

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