Trees do have feelings – and they talk too!

Ever wondered about the language of trees? They have one.

If you haven’t spent much time walking or hiking through a forest, you may not grasp the amazing link trees have with each other. Scientists now know that they communicate with each other and support each other through difficult times.

It’s useful to get a larger perspective on the hidden life of trees and the wonder that they posses.An article by German-born writer 

Clearcutting the forest destroys not only trees but the vital communication system that helps them survive. Photo by Debra Atlas

Clear cutting the forest destroys not only trees but their vital interconnected communication system. Photo by Debra Atlas

There are other books out there that delve into this, even to the “fact” that each tree has its own sound frequency or song. As early as 2003, researchers learned that trees have a language all their own ranging from when they’re being attacked by insects, “screaming” for water because of drought, or simply “at rest” as they grow and age. And when they’re “orphaned” due to clear cutting, they lose the vital community connections they depend on to stay healthy and strong.

So the next time you have a chance to visit a forest or any grove of trees, take the time to absorb the wonder and mystery of these stately beings. The more we can appreciate them – for their language and for their capacity to store carbon and create our oxygen, perhaps we humans see their importance in the fabric and long-term survival of our planet.

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  1. There is a lot we don’t know about trees and are just beginning to learn – about aerosols they release into the air, and about how they communicate with one another and share food. This episode of the PBS show “Nature” – titled “What Plants Talk About” is fascinating.

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