Big Food Strikes Back – a good primer about the Healthy Food “movement”


As we inch closer to November’s election, campaigning of all sorts is taking place. And the nuts and bolts of what consumers need to know is purposefully getting pretty murky.

Just read Michael Pollan’s latest article from the NY Times Magazine. It’s a great read and really puts what’s been happening not only in Washington, D.C. but across the country with our broken food system. Definitely puts a lot of things in perspective.

Sad to say, I agree with him that the extremely large food lobby is still happily entrenched in and around D.C. But the occupants of the current White House have, to their credit, done a great deal to open and expand the national conversation and awareness of the status of our food, its quality (and lack thereof), the availability of healthy foods in urban areas and the need for change.

Regardless of who takes the White House next month, we consumers need to keep asking the important questions and demanding better answers. It’s clearly up to us.

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  1. My instincts, since I’m based around DC and news source savyy: Because BOTH are partisan conservatives to moderate at best; very pro-Wall Street; favored ‘lessened’ related regulations in the past– expect a CLINTON or TRUMP presidency to accept more influence and favor the whims of fast and bad food lobbyists, than previous Obama-Bush years.

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