Now that the election’s over, how will we respond?


For many, the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President is nothing less than a travesty, evoking fear, dread and deep concerns. For others, it’s a time of celebration and hope for stability, strong values.

Whichever camp you fall in, the question is what will we do now?

The past eight or more months have been filled with mud-slinging, racism, negativity and deep divisiveness from all sides. Can we come together to build a stronger, united country? What will that take?

One telling item caught my eye today: there will be prayer vigils held in many major cities this evening. Truth to tell, there have been countless prayers offered for our country over the past weeks – not just here in the United States but in countries all over the world who have been watching this contentious election unfold.

Does this mean our country will see a resurgence of spirituality or religious practice? As they say, couldn’t hurt. If that’s what helps us ease the stress many of us have been under because of the political shenanigans that’s taken place, then good for us.

For whatever your or my beliefs are, we MUST begin to pull together. No matter how anyone feels about President-elect Trump, the issues are MUCH larger than one person and his abilities to create change. It’s truly up to us, we the people, to strive for peace, to address the serious issues before us – including climate change, the flow of immigrants from war and drought stricken countries, hunger, poverty and more.

The underlying and perhaps most important question for all of us to answer is: what will each of us do now to make a difference with what’s in front of us? It can be taking one small step to improve someone’s life, make a small change in your life that alters your perspective. The point is, it’s time for all of us to look forward, not back.

Life and time don’t stand still. There’s no such thing as a vacuum. It’s up to us to write our own history.

How will yours read from this point on?

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