Recycle that old (unused) cell phone today on National Phone Recycling Day

old-cell-phonesLet’s face it. Almost everyone has at least one old cell phone stuck in a drawer or cabinet somewhere just gathering dust. A lot of us have a few of them – think small flip phones and other such analog devices. As of last 2015, there were roughly 426 million idle or inactive mobile devices in the U.S. Only 100 million would be recycled.

We hang onto them for no good reason other than we forget about them. But why not do something constructive and recycle them?

Today is International Mobile Phone Recycling Day, Rather than continue to let your old cell phones continue to languish in the dark, you could contact Gazelle and the folks at  Gazelle ecoATM and turn your outdated cells into cash.

Gazelle ecoATM accepts phones in all types of conditions and they have kiosks in shopping malls and at retailers across the country. If necessary, they even take broken phones so that you can recycle them responsibly.

Afraid your data or personal info will be at risk? No worries. Gazelle will walk you through the step-by-step process so you can delete and encrypt personal information. They’ll pay you top dollar and even get shipping materials to you. This will help keep toxic chemicals out of our landfills.

old-cell-phones-2Gazelle is the nation’s leading consumer electronics reCommerce site, offering an easy safe way for consumers to buy certified pre-owned devices, or get cash for their used iPhones and Android tablets and phones.

The companies have a commitment to delivering convenient consumer solutions. Gazelle lets consumers trade-in Apple and Android devices from your couch or purchase certified pre-owned devices at a fraction of the cost.

Gazelle ecoATM kiosks are automated machines that make it easy and convenient for people to sell back unwanted tablets and smartphones. They’re convenient, offer instant cash payments and feature state-of-the-art technology that makes selling devices safe and secure. Cameras capture every transaction and live operators verify the customer’s identity.

Since the first ecoATM was launched in 2009, it’s collected over 6 million devices. That may sound like a drop in the bucket but it’s definitely a HUGE amount of toxic products that have gotten diverted from landfills.

So why not do a little decluttering with Gazelle and ecoATM?You get a little something, the landfill gets a break and everybody wins.

Happy International Mobile Phone Recycling Day!

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