Ford to launch solar powered car at CES

The idea of using solar power for energy is gaining traction in a wide variety of industries. The auto industry may have been a bit slow to the party but it seems that at least one brand has its eye on the future.

Ford sees more green in its future

Old money (paper money, that is) gets turned into the Federal Reserve to be shredded. And a great deal of it used to end up in landfills. But since the 1990’s, it’s gone to better, more recycled uses. Ford Motor Company recently announced it would be expanding its use of “green” and alternative materials. That […]

Green trends, sustainabilty and Ford

I’m currently attending the media-focused Forward with Ford conference in Dearborn, Michigan. Having never expected to be in or near the Motor City, this is a fascinating and very interesting experience. But here’s a taste of what I’ve been observing and discovering – and what I’ll be blogging about over the coming days.

Ford Cuts Energy Costs by $1.2M by turning off PC's!

Electronics are notorious for energy “leaks”. Ford Motor Company is discoveing just how much energy they’ve been wasting when they implemented their new PC Power Management program. The company anticipates it will save $1.2 million when the system is fully implemented. It also expects to reduce its carbon footprint by 16,000-25,000 metric tons annually. Under this new program, […]

Tomatoes as sustainable materials for vehicles?

You have to hand it to Ford Motor Company. They seem to be at the top when it comes to innovation and creative thinking. Their latest venture has them  collaborating with Heinz, Coca-Cola, Nike and Procter & Gamble to further the development of a 100 percent plant-based plastic that can be used to make everything […]

The next sustainable source of rubber – dandelions?

  Ford Motor Company. has been working with researchers at Ohio State to create a new sustainable resource for rubber. Odd as it may seem, that source could well be the innocuous dandelion weed. The sticky, milky white  liquid that seeps from the roots of the Russian dandelion (Taraxacum kok-haghyz) is currently being grown at OSU’s Ohio Agricultural Research […]

The importance of ancient trees, passion and making a difference

What does inspiration look and sound like? If you haven’t experienced it lately, check out this short film – “Big Trees GVSU”, an entry into this year’s Ford Motor Co.’s “Go Further” video competition.