Solar Roadways – the future is here

I’ve written several times about the fascinating invention called Solar Roadways, developed by Scott and Julie Brusaw in 2006.

Solar Roadways: Unique Business Model

The Solar Roadway project has a number of exciting and innovative features to it. Other than being able to generate enough electricity to power the nation, inventor  Scott Brusaw‘s project is designed to do the most economic and environmental good possible in several other capacities. For more of Part 2 on Solar Roadways and their potential […]

Solar Roadways: Energy and Transportation Solution in One

There are 28,000 square miles of roadways spread across the 48 continental states. With the cost of traditional paving materials going up and their availability going down, innovator Scott Brusaw sees solar highways as the solution to several energy and transportation problems. To learn more about this fascinating project and how Brusaw is working to […]

Colored Solar on the road to improvement

I recently wrote about a company in Southern California called Colored Solar, which provides high quality colorful solar panels. These high-efficiency durable panels offer comparable performance to standard solar panels but compliment the architecture and style of any building. Now the company is seeking additional funding to expand and improve and they’re asking for help. […]

Bolivia’s new solar powered car could benefit from solar innovation

Bolivian university students have created and are road testing a solar-powered car. Outfitted with eight large solar panels, this boxy-looking vehicle runs silently through the streets. Check out the video here.

Stay safe and be seen with the Solar Bike Light

A shared road between drivers and bikers makes taking extra safety precautions a must, especially after sunset. Drivers have a tough time seeing bicycle riders and reflective decals may not be enough. Solarrific, a manufacturer of solar and dynamo (hand cranking) powered products and innovative devices, has created the Solar Bike Light Kit, an easy-to-use […]

The inspiring film Solar Mamas premieres tonite!

Women of the Middle East and developing countries have few options or opportunities in their lives, other than to be wives and mothers. This is what makes the new film Solar Mamas, which premieres tonite on PBS , so remarkable.The film follows the journey of 27 women – poor and mostly illiterate – as they leave their […]

Charge it up – with a convenient solar charging station

The cost of transportation just keeps going up. No wonder we’re seeing more alternative vehicles on the road. From mopeds to bicycles,  Zipcars,to electric vehicles, all of us are looking for ways to get from our garage door at point A to our necessary point B a lot less expensively.

Highways paved with solar panels could be around the corner

  Roads and highways have been covered with asphalt since President Dwight Eisenhower opened the federal highways in the 1950’s.  Today, that black liquid’s getting expensive – close to $1,000 a ton – and being petroleum-based, chances are the price will keep going up.  Inventor Scott Brusaw is working towards an innovative, more environmentally friendly […]

School district in southern California to go solar

The Irvine (California) Unified School District (ISUD) has partnered with SunEdison and SPG Solar to install solar energy at each of its twenty-one campuses. Purported to be the largest solar deployment for a public school system in California, and possibly the United States, the project will reduce Irvine’s school power bill  by 20 percent – a savings of $17 million […]