Putting the green in theme parks

Amusement and theme parks are getting greener these days

As consumers demand for green products increases, businesses of all kinds are jumping on the green bandwagon. So to are theme parks across the U.S. and around the world.

Many modern parks are boasting eco-friendly and sustainable features that can make you feel good about enjoying yourself.

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Daily Grommet gives smaller companies visibility

You may not know what a grommet is or even heard of one before. But you’ve seen one. It’s a ring of metal, plastic, or rubber that’s used to reinforce a hole or protect the sharp edges of one. You’ll recognize it as the eyelet on a shoe, or the metal ring at the top of a nice shower curtain.

There’s a different kind of grommet, one that’s helping to redefine online shopping.

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US Post Office goes green with new stamps

Always looking for ways to encourage consumers to use snail mail, the USPS has issued some pretty nifty looking green-themed stamps.

These new “forever”stamps feature 16 ideas on how to live a more green lifestyle – ways we can easily help the health 0f the environment. All are pretty much commonsense suggestions like turn the thermostat down, use public transportation and turn off lights when not in use. Take  a look  and see how many of these ideas you already follow. Then see how to add some or all of the rest.

Going green isn’t hard. It’s just about changing old habits. And you can do that, can’t you?

Green Fundraising Takes Candy Out of the Picture

Check out the wide variety of green fundraising ideas

Let’s face it -school fundraisers are a crucial lifeline to keep some of the “extras” alive and well.

Candy, gift-wrapping and magazine subscriptions are  traditional fundraising choices. Yet there’s  a wide variety of eco-friendly, creative, even yummy choices out there.

For details on some great green ideas for your next fundraising campaign, check out http://bit.ly/gaXTTP.

The Beer Box Pavillion – the ultimate in recycling

The BOXEL Pavilion is constructed from 2,000 beer crates

What do you do with old beer crates? Recycle them, of course.

German architecture students of the University of Applied Sciences in Detmold designed and constructed BOXEL, a pavilion made out of 2,000 beer crates that had been in use for over 10 years and had been donated by a local brewery for the project.

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Ever thought about eco-friendly fundraising? It’s possible

With the current economy and budget cuts, school fundraisers are fundamental – a lifeline keeping important activities afloat.  

Candy, gift-wrapping and magazine subscriptions are generally top fundraising choices. Yet there are eco-friendly, creative, even yummy choices that could support schools being even more successful. 

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Ecogear’s latest in fashionable eco-friendly rolling bags

Ecogear's new eco-friendly line of rolling bags are designed to meet the needs of young kids


You’ve seen them all around airports – kids proudly pulling their own rolling carry-ons that come in all kinds of colors and patterns geared to appeal to the younger set. 

When it comes to being eco-friendly, though, most of them miss the mark. 

One company has taken this issue on, and done so with a style that even the youngest schoolchild will like. With its commitment to creating affordable,  environmentally-friendly bags, Ecogear has created a new line of rolling bags called EcoZoo

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