The 2013 Good Food Awards

Good Food Awards_logo_cmykSeeding Projects, a self-styled “do tank” that works collaboratively to support the sustainable food movement, recently announced the winners of the third annual Good Food Awards in San Francisco. Our of 1,350 applicants from across the country, representing nine categories of Good Food, including beer, charcuterie (i.e. cooked pork and/or cold meat products), cheese, chocolate, coffee, confections, pickles, preserves and spirits, 114 winners were chosen.

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Pure lavender products from Bayliss Botanicals

Baylisss Botanicals and Donna Bayliss have been pioneers in the cosmetic industry, offering pure, certified organic lavender in its botanicals

Consumers have grown familiar with seeing the terms natural, “organic”, and essential oils in their products. Whether they apply to our food, personal care or cosmetics, we’ve come to expect a level of quality when we hear or see these on the packaging.

But all is not always what it seems.

Donna Bayliss, the owner of Bayliss Ranch and Bayliss Botanicals, knows this firsthand.

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Now you can recycle that toothbrush too!

Made from recycled materials, Preserve toothbrushes are recyclable too

The list of things you can recycle keeps growing. Besides paper, glass and plastic water bottles, in many communities it includes batteries, DVDs, mattresses and compostable containers.

One thing I never thought of to recycle is the toothbrush. Yet a company called Preserve does just that. 

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Comfy green sofas – made of grass?

Everyone deserves a bit of whimsy and today’s no exception.

For those who’ve longed to lie in the grass and enjoy a sunny afternoon, now there are green grass sofas scattered around a number of parks in England that make lounging a unique, eco-friendly kind of experience.

Leave it to England’s National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty (aka the National Trust) to create these fascinating “Open Air Living Rooms” for Brits to enjoy. You could grow your own, but between the hay bales and the hours of wiring everything together, you may decide it’s a bit too much.

Still, it would be a unique conversation piece – and a cool way to relax – in your backyard or on a private beach.