New book, with blessing by Jane Goodall, exposes US government fraud re GMO’s

Steven Drucker's new book reveals how the US government has mislead us on how harmful GMO's are

Stephen Drucker’s new book reveals how the US government has mislead us on how harmful GMO’s are

A new book being launched today in London by American public interest attorney Steven Druker reveals how the U.S. government has consistently misrepresented facts about GMO’s and the scientific research about their safety.

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Reforestation Reaches New Heights Thanks To Tree Cloning Efforts

A growing forest of cloned redwood trees, photo by Archangel Ancient Tree Archive

A growing forest of cloned redwood trees, photo by Archangel Ancient Tree Archive

The world is losing the equivalent of 68,000 soccer fields of trees daily. More than 7,600 square miles of trees are wiped out each year!

In the U.S. alone, up to 98 percent of our old growth forests are gone.

There’s a growing movement towards reforestation. Pacific Coast redwoods and sequoias, along with a team of committed visionaries, are playing a key role in this movement.

To learn how long-forgotten giant redwood stumps are being brought back to life to help reforestation around the globe, click here.

Surprising innovation is cleaning up the trash from Baltimore’s harbor

Water Wheel in Baltimore harbor

Like many of our nation’s waterways, Baltimore’s Inner Harbor has become a plastic and styrofoam liquid litter box.Much of it sinks below the surface, sometimes posing hazards to ships navigating the area.

Healthy Harbor, an initiative of the nonprofit Waterfront Partnership, is determined to make the harbor swimmable and fishable again by 2020. They’re working to head off debris before it hits the harbor by raising public awareness of proper waste disposal, restricting the use of plastic bags and bottles, and engineering storm drains to catch trash. Continue reading

Monsanto named “Best Corporate Citizen”. Who’s voting and for how much?

Monsanto graphicFor the 5th year in a row, CR Magazine, whose focus is on corporate responsibility, has named Monsanto to its “100 Best Corporate Citizens” list for its corporate responsibility performance.

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California cities could run out of water

Shasta Lake in drought

The clay sides of Shasta Lake loom tall and bare with the drought

Last week, the governor of California made it official. California is going through a serious drought. We residents have known this for some time. Nice to know he finally agrees with the obvious.

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An orangutan speaks up about rainforest destruction

Palm oil is one of the ingredients in a wide variety of our everyday foods. Few of us think much about it, yet where it comes from and its impact on our environment is huge.

Palm plantations are being created at the expense of rainforests, which are decimated in order to keep up with the global demand for palm oil. The impact of this effects biodiversity and, even more importantly, the wildlife that live and depend on these beautiful, old growth natural wonders.

Here is a moving video that brings it all home in its simplicity. If you take anything away from viewing it, it’s that being aware of what’s in the food you eat means something, is connected to the natural (or unnatural) order of things and that what you buy matters.

Concerns for toxic chemical use in the news

Pesticides signConsumers have reason to be concerned. The use of toxic chemicals is seriously on the rise. And their effects, although our federal “watchdog” agencies are officially touting them to be safe, look to be real cause for concern (to put it mildly).

Here are a few stories that hit the news today. Judge for yourselves, then you might want to make some changes.

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