A stunning look at the demise of the world’s glaciers

The receding glacier at Portage Lake photo b Cool Breeze pics, flickr

Here are some stunning photographs taken by a world class photographer of the steady retreat of our glaciers. Pictures tell the tale, even if climate change deniers try to soft pedal the story.

It’s hard to argue with the time-lapse pictures  you’ll see. It’s tine for the old saying of “out of sight, out of mind” to be replaced.

Not enough biofuel – Lufthansa ends test trials

Lufthansa will halt it's biofuel test flights due to lack of sufficient biofuel stock

German airline carrier Lufthansa has announced it will end flight trials using biofuel due to its inability to tap into sufficient reliable supplies.

The company says it has used up its stocks of certified biofuel.

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Composting is great, but not if it has a toxic herbicide in it

Using grass clipping in your compost could pose a danger to evergreens if you're not careful

As the green movement continues to expand throughout the minds and practices of consumers, more people are aware of the advantages of composting. It cuts down on the amount of garbage we toss and it’s a great amendment for trees and home gardens.

But a darker side of composting has reared its ugly head.

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Insurers not ready for climate change? Really?

In the aftermath of Hurricanes Irene and Lee, it's troubling to discover only one-eighth of major US insurance companies have climate change policies in place

Saw a fascinating article today outlining a report that many major insurers, while acknowledging that climate change will create extreme weather events, still have no formal policies in place to deal with its risks, effects and aftermath.

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Climate change – which direction do you believe it’s going?

The face of the world is changing dramatically from what we used to know

There are well-known climate change deniers, many of them with a wide audience of believers. The issues are hotly debated and both sides can point to “evidence” that they say supports their position.

Oddly enough, there are facts involved, real bonified scientific research that one can easily go to and see “what’s so”,

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EPA opponents have loudest voice on TV news

A recent report by Media Matters, the web-based, non-profit watchdog group that analyzes and reports on conservative misinformation in the US media, shows that climate change naysayers are having the biggest say on top TV newscasts.

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China ranks #1 in catch and consumption of world’s fish

China tops the list of nations for overfishing and fish consumption

According to research conducted by the University of British Columbia in collaboration with the National Geographic Society and The Pew Charitable Trusts, China tops the list of countries in the world for annual tonnage of fish caught and consumed.

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