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 As an environmental journalist, blogger, professional speaker and radio personality,  Debra Atlas has carved out a number of important niches:

As a writer

As a writer/journalist and member of the Society of Environmental Journalists, Debra’s articles have covered topics as wide ranging as climate change, green innovation and eco-related agricultural themes. Her articles often shed light on creative ideas and products finding their way to the marketplace – products that live up to their promise and provide a real solution to consumer issues. Debra’s articles are published in a number of venues in print and online:

  • Her newspaper columns and feature articles
  • Her feature articles for websites such as SierraClubGreenHome, a website that provides original content designed to help consumers make their lives more energy efficient, environmentally sustainable and healthy.
  • As  the Ecological Editor and regular contributor to the Red Ferret Journal. an international website dedicated to presenting the latest innovations and gadgets from around the globe.
  • Through her green product reviews for the monthly Change Magazine (Houston). Available in print and online.

A Professional Event Blogger

A professional blogger, Debra  has provided professional blogging coverage for a number of respected environmental conferences and workshops. These include:

Debra is an expert in providing on-site, up-to-the-minute reporting/ blogging, which includes one-on-one insightful interviews with key participants.

Debra’s work can also be seen as a guest blogger on a growing number of other blog sites.

A Professional Speaker and Author

A professional speaker since 1993, in late 2012 Debra premiered her program – “From Imagination to Innovation: Designing your Way to Eco Trends”. This engaging program  inspired participants to step outside of their everyday thinking and to creatively solve an “unsolvable” problem. This fun and dynamic program can be tailored for keynote and workshop formats.

Debra is currently developing a new speaking program related to her newest book You Aren’t Depression’s Victim, an empowering and thought-provoking book published in 2021.

To learn more details about any of these programs or services, email Debra at debraatlas@gmail.com.

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