System now in place to recycle artificial turf

Artificial turf

Artificial turf, used instead of real grass for a growing number of playing fields, has at its end of life been sent to landfills.  The reason is that this kind of turf is comprised of a mixture of polyethylene, polypropylene and polyurethane, though some can use materials like nylon or polyester. While the plastic in turf field systems can usually be recycled on its own, it is difficult for recyclers separate the plastics from the sand and rubber infill.

But leave it to enterprising and creative thinkers to come up with a solution.

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Fourth-Grader’s research shows dangers of Artificial Turf

This young environmental activist discovered the dangers of toxic run-off from San Francisco soccor fields

A young soccer player from San Francisco is making waves in the scientific community with her research on local playing fields.

Claire Dworsky, a fourth-grade student at Katherine Delmar Burke School, overheard adults debating the idea of converting a large area of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park from grass to artificial turf and whether the plastic turf was healthy for the kids. Dworsky, an avid soccer player since she was age 3, wondered what was in the water she and her teammates were playing around in.

You’ll definitely want to read more about how this amazing young girl became an “Eco Hero” and has been educating scientists and bureaucrats with her environmental findings.