Bald eagle from Rhode Island landfill euthanized

Bald eagleThis news item just came through.

The bald eagle that had been rescued from a Rhode Island landfill in February and was being treated for gunshot wounds had to be humanely euthanized. Known as Eleanor, the injured eagle had been transferred to the Raptor Trust in New Jersey where it was determined that the shotgun pellet lodged in her brain had caused permanent damage that would prevent her survival in captivity

The Raptor Trust announced on their Facebook page that “given that she was deemed unable to sustain herself in captivity, and would have required daily force feedings for the duration of her life, the decision was made to humanely euthanize her.”

So very sad.

Update on rescued bald eagle

eagleA report released today says that the bald eagle that was recently rescued from a Rhodes Island landfill    was shot in the head. According to clinic director Jennifer Brooks, a CT-scan of the young eagle convalescing at the Wildlife Rehabilitator Association center has revealed that the pellet is lodged in the right side of the eagle’s brain.

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Bald eagle shot, says veterinarians

Bald eagle rescued 2The latest news on the 2-year old female bald eagle that was rescued from a landfill in Rhode Island isn’t great. A Facebook posting says veterinarians found what appears to be three buckshot pellets in its chest, leg and tail area.

Information has been passed on to state and federal authorities so that a criminal investigation can be conducted. Let’s hope that all goes well and that she recovers fully.

Bald eagle rescued after East Coast blizzard

Bald eagle rescued after blizzard

This story and the footage is remarkable. Humans reaching out to save a very special, in-need bald eagle who was battered almost to death from the recent East Coast blizzard. Kudos to the brave soul who had the courage to rescue this magnificent bird and take it to safety.