Lassen National Park – 100 Years of Changing Landscape

lassen pre 1915 crop 1a

Lassen Peak prior to its devastating eruption in 1915. Photo by B.F. Loomis, courtesy of National Park Service

The Cascade Mountains stretch from southern British Columbia, Canada, all the way into northern California. Part of the famed Ring of Fire – a string of volcanoes and mountains running throughout the Pacific Ocean – the southern Cascades contain hundreds of small to medium-sized volcanoes. This includes more than 30 volcanoes that make up California’s Lassen Volcanic National Park.

This week marks the 100th anniversary of one of Lassen’s most powerful volcanic eruptions.

To learn more about the explosive history of this remarkable national park and view rarely seen pictures that were taken during a major volcanic eruption, click here.

Norway’s grandparents apologize for Canadian tar sand project

Norway's elders speak out against the extraction of oil from Canada's tar sands

On Wednesday, April 6th, the Edmonton Journal – Alberta, Canada’s largest daily newspaper – will print a letter from the Norwegian Grandparents Climate  Action  (Besteforeldreaksjonen) to the citizens of Canada.

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Canadian firm first in the world to recycle juice boxes

Now there's a process for recycling juice boxes and milk cartons

Until now, juice boxes and waxed milk cartons had to be trashed. Now there’s a new recycling process for them.

Groupe RCM,Inc., a recycler in Quebec, Canada, has begun accepting juice boxes and milk containers for recycling. Their new process breaks down the cartons, plastic bag and film waste into a thermoplastic resin that will then be used in industrial and commercial manufacturing.

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Breakthroughs in dental research point to being able to regrow teeth

teethRecently announced results of research in Canada and in the US are bringing exciting encouragement to patients with a variety of  dental and periodontal problems.

Researchers at the University of Alberta in Edmonton (Canada) announced they’ve created a technology that will allow patients to regrow teeth.  

Canadian researchers say low-intensity pulsed ultrasound could help patients regrow teeth

Researchers say low-intensity pulsed ultrasound could help patients regrow teeth

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