Buyers beware. Do your favorite products test on animals?

Chimpanzee in laboratory cage. Photo courtesy of PETA

As consumers, we gravitate to products that are convenient, that are good quality, that have what we consider to be good reputations. But there’s another factor we need to consider and add to our list of “should we or shouldn’t we” when it comes to purchasing. And that is do they test their products on animals or not?

Here are two graphics, courtesy of the Beagle Freedom Project, that show the major brands that DO do animal testing and those that don’t. Bear in mind that as more consumers protest this horrendous practice and put pressure on corporations, more of them are ceasing it. One of the major obstacles has been and continues to be that some countries such as China require this barbaric practice, even though such tests yield NO beneficial results as to the impact on human health.

It’s heartening to know that we consumers can make a difference by speaking up and signing petitions against animal testing. Our voices do count.

So the next time you go to the supermarket, the pharmacy or any other shopping, you may want to check out these graphics beforehand, just to be sure that your purchases won’t add to the cruelty going on.

People would buy green products if ecommerce showed they how

Green ShoppingThis blog was founded on the premise that people want to know more about green – green living, environmental issues, innovative solutions that creative minds have come up with regarding climate change issues and more. And hopefully it’s lived up to you the reader’s expectations in that regard.

I read a great article by journalist Chelsea Harvey detailing a new study showing that consumers would purchase more green, eco-friendly products and services if only they were given the options on how and/or where to do it. This included things from purchasing carbon offsets – how many of us really know how to do that? – to products that have the lowest carbon output of greenhouse gas emissions.

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Reports show consumers want to support sustainable brands and companies

Green consumers growing around the worldConsumers are getting more green-minded, and not just here in the U.S.

According to Havas PR’s BeCause It Matters report, which examines how environmentally and socially responsible companies can connect more effectively with “conscientious consumers,” consumers in the US and 19 other countries were asked to respond to nine statements rating their consumption behavior in the past year, the present and the next 12 months.  Continue reading