Reports show consumers want to support sustainable brands and companies

Green consumers growing around the worldConsumers are getting more green-minded, and not just here in the U.S.

According to Havas PR’s BeCause It Matters report, which examines how environmentally and socially responsible companies can connect more effectively with “conscientious consumers,” consumers in the US and 19 other countries were asked to respond to nine statements rating their consumption behavior in the past year, the present and the next 12 months.  Continue reading

Monsanto named “Best Corporate Citizen”. Who’s voting and for how much?

Monsanto graphicFor the 5th year in a row, CR Magazine, whose focus is on corporate responsibility, has named Monsanto to its “100 Best Corporate Citizens” list for its corporate responsibility performance.

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Corporate energy reduction – real or hype?

SAP Headquarters

SAP America's new HQ - a story of big time water and energy efficiency

News stories abound with corporate carbon emission and energy reductions. But what’s real and what’s hype?

Today’s story that cruise line Costa has “cut fuel and potable water consumption by five percent during the fiscal year starting in December 2007”  is notably a good step in the right direction. That they’ve also “increased its “special waste” (cooking oil, used batteries, neon lamps, photo developing fluid) recycling to 30 percent in 2008, up from 26 percent in 2007” is a better news story.

But the one that really got my attention today was about SAP America’s new $90 million Philadelphia headquarters. When complete, it’s expected to have an energy and water savings of 40-50 percent, when compared to similar buildings.

So far the building is using about one kilowatt of electricity per square foot, said SAP Project Manager Brian Barrett. That compares to about 2.5 kilowatts per square foot typical in other buildings, he said.

So tell me about the big steps you’re taking,  corporate America, not the baby steps that you hope will make you look good. The bigger the step, the bolder and more progressive you’ll look to your customers. And with growing consumer demand for corporate responsibility, that’s what they really want anyway.

Get the hint?