Reports show consumers want to support sustainable brands and companies

Green consumers growing around the worldConsumers are getting more green-minded, and not just here in the U.S.

According to Havas PR’s BeCause It Matters report, which examines how environmentally and socially responsible companies can connect more effectively with “conscientious consumers,” consumers in the US and 19 other countries were asked to respond to nine statements rating their consumption behavior in the past year, the present and the next 12 months.  Continue reading

When companies fail to keep their key sustainability promises

Photo by Richard Ericksson, flickr

Photo by Richard Ericksson, flickr

Companies large and small are by necessity moving into the sustainability arena. It’s a new language and a new way of thinking of and of doing business and it definitely goes against the norm. But as consumers demand to know that companies are acting sustainably, companies are being forced to adapt.

But adapting can come very slowly, amidst giving good “talk”. Take for example the Walt Disney Company.

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The top 50 global green brands – a misguided and incomplete list

Best Global Green Brands 2014 logoJust saw this listing of the top 50 global green brands. After perusing the list, it’s clear that it’s seriously misguided, misleading and incomplete.

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Global 100 recognizes 8 American companies as most sustainable

Claims abound as to which companies are the most sustainable, the most “green”. But when the dust settles, one list says it like it is.

The eighth annual Global 100 list was announced at last week’s World Economic Forum, held this year in Davos, Switzerland. It designates eight U.S. firms as being among the most sustainable in the world.

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BP declines to give oil spill figures in latest sustainability report

BP tries to ignore the Gulf oil disaster of 2010 in its latest sustainability report

Is BP trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes yet again?

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