Gulf oil well spill much worse than estimated

A new analysis revealed that the oil spill from what’s being called the worst environmental disaster in the US has spilled 4.9 million barrels, or 205.8 million gallons, according to a new analysis by government scientists.

It makes you wonder, however, if the real story of the disaster and what has to be a crippling impact on marine and wildlife has yet been told. So far, the pictures of oil-soaked birds and tar-strewn beaches are sobering. But could the real devastation – from the dispersants that were regularly used despite restriction warnings from the EPA and oil and dead sea life that’s sunk to the ocean’s bottom – could the impact of all that be revealed weeks, months or longer away, when the initial media frenzy has died down and coverage moves on to other stories?

Sobering is a pale word for that prospect.