International killing of whales and dolphins is a thriving business

whalesThe global business of killing whales and dolphins continues to thrive, and not just in a few countries. A new report issued by Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) reveals that that consumption or utilization of whale and dolphin meat and by-products is happening across a shocking number of countries and seems to be unchecked despite a global moratorium.

Since the moratorium on commercial whaling was introduced in 1986, more than 35,000 whales have been killed, along with hundreds of thousands of dolphins and smaller whale species. Over the last few years, WDC has helped to expose:

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The hidden cost of seafood includes the deaths of thousands of marine mammals

Foreign overfishingThe popularity of wild-caught seafood continues to grow. But so too does the devastating cost to marine life.

According to The Killing of Marine Mammals in Foreign Fisheries, a report issued today by the Natural Resources Defense Council, more than 650,000 marine mammals are killed or seriously injured every year in foreign fisheries after being hooked, entangled or trapped in fishing gear.  Enforcement of a U.S. law to protect marine mammals could help prevent tens of thousands of these deaths.

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New dolphin species identified off Australia

Australian researcher identifies this new species of dolphin

Dolphins are for many a creature filled with mystery and a bit of whimsy. Whether you remember the now iconic Flipper or have actually had the thrill of swimming with dolphins, these highly intelligent marine mammals evoke a heart-felt response that’s part wonder and part joy.

An Australian researcher has successfully identified a new species of dolphin that makes its home off the coast of Australia.

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Japan’s annual dolphin hunt sabotaged

Dolphins captured in pens during Taiji annual dolphin slaughter

Nets on holding pens for captured dolphins were cut near the town of Taiji during the annual dolphin hunt. According to a press report,  Japanese police have launched a probe into the matter.

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Dolphin Killings resume in Taiji Cove

The Taiji (Japan) dolphin round-up and killing spree has begun

Richard O’Barry reported that so far about 50 pilot whales and 100 bottlenose dolphins being driven into the cove. Japan Probe reported that thirteen fishing boats left the harbor and that the slaying began around 5:30 this morning in Japan.

Taiji’s fisherman plan to catch around 2,400 dolphins during this season, along with pilot whales, neither of which are protected by the International Whaling Commission’s ban on whaling. Over 22,000 dolphins, porpoises, pilot whales and false killer whales are taken each hunting season.


Taiji dolphin killingsDolphins have been hunted in Japan for centuries and this unfortunate brutal practice is seen by many as part of the Japanese culture.


If there’s any chance of halting this slaughter, forward this to anyone you know in the media. Media attention was instrumental in delaying this annual barrel shoot in the first place.  Perhaps it can halt it again.