Drought tolerant plant resources

A vibrant example of drought-tolerant landscaping

A vibrant example of drought-tolerant landscaping

With 2012 noted as the warmest year on record, and so much of the country still in the grip of devastating drought, the idea of landscaping with drought-tolerant plants is gaining popularity.

Here is an excellent “go to” resource for information and lists of where to find those drought-tolerant plants that will save you on water bills and add to the beauty of your surroundings. Don’t be fooled by the misconception that these plants are drab and without color. Many of them sport vibrant colors and flowers and attract such fun characters as butterflies and hummingbirds!

These lists offer sections for what works for different states and climates and will give you useful information to help ease decision-making. And be sure to check the comments below the article for additional information.

Pure lavender products from Bayliss Botanicals

Baylisss Botanicals and Donna Bayliss have been pioneers in the cosmetic industry, offering pure, certified organic lavender in its botanicals

Consumers have grown familiar with seeing the terms natural, “organic”, and essential oils in their products. Whether they apply to our food, personal care or cosmetics, we’ve come to expect a level of quality when we hear or see these on the packaging.

But all is not always what it seems.

Donna Bayliss, the owner of Bayliss Ranch and Bayliss Botanicals, knows this firsthand.

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