Celebrate Earth Day every day with earth-friendly products

Go Green Readers reading glasses made with recycled materials

Go Green Readers are made with recycled materials

As quickly as winter has morphed into spring, Earth Day has come and gone. An estimated 1 billion people in more than 192 countries around the world celebrated this global conversation on how to have a more positive impact on the planet.

With so many of us moving towards greening our lifestyles, I thought it would be fun to look at some earth-friendly products.

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Can Your Collection of Business Cards Grow Flowers?

Almost everyone has a business card these days. Most of us have collected quite a few of them over the years, and tend to build up a stash of old ones, eventually throwing them away or tossing them into recycling. What can you do with all of those old business cards? A company in Florida has created a great looking, earth-friendly solution.

Jason Tunick, CEO of Factory Direct Promos, saw a real need for more environmentally friendly promo products for consumers and businesses when he founded his company in 1996. Noting the waste that business cards and related paper products created, he wanted to find a more eco-friendly alternative.

To learn more about this cool green alternative that will have your business card stand out with potential customers, check out http://bit.ly/UA2AJv.

Earth-friendly art from surprising recycled materials

Cassandra Tondro uses repurposed acrylic latex paint to create visual masterpieces like her “Flowing Forest”

Artist Marc Chagall said “Great art picks up where nature ends.”

In May I attended the Women of the Green Generation conference in Los Angeles. Among the fascinating showcases was an artist who’s work utilized unusual earth-friendly materials to create unique works of beauty.

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Screen Magic makes cleaning window screens easy

As spring rapidly morphs into summer, you may think spring cleaning is behind you. But one area you may not have considered – your window screens, which may not have caught your attention for quite a while – are very likely rife with dust and debris.

If the idea of cleaning your screens conjures up hours scrubbing with chemical sprays and multiple trips up and down ladders, there’s a simpler, greener alternative.

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VAST Composite Pavers Turn Scrap Tires Into Recycled “Bricks”

Consumer demand for quality recycled materials has grown exponentially as the green building industry expands.  VAST Enterprises is meeting this demand with top quality composite pavers made from recycled materials.

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Stylish footwear meets affordable green with Okabashi

Happy Independence Day weekend! While you’re out enjoying the 4-day weekend and (hopefully) sunny weather, here’s a link to a fun, and yes green summer product I profiled in my newspaper column today.

Summer fun means days at the beach, playing in the lake and outdoor fun. And as much as some of us love going barefoot, it’s important to have go-anywhere, comfortable, stylish footwear.

Okabashi footwear is chic, fun and earth friendly too

Okabashi is a family-owned Georgia-based company that makes quality sandals, clogs and cross-strap fashionable footwear for men and women.

Everything about these shoes shouts quality and earth-friendly.

For more on this fun and colorful summer footwear, see http://3bl.me/689rve.


Grave Matters brings helpful green alternatives to modern burial

Grave Matters offers tasteful green alternatives to traditional burials

Two things in life are certain – death and taxes.

Death’s a subject rarely discussed unless one is forced to. Whatever the reason, death and burials are mired with grief, strained coping abilities and a myriad of details to deal with.

With a mind-numbing cost upwards of $10,000. traditional funerals and burials are generally left to funeral homes to manage. But this fairly new impersonal tradition is changing.

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