Earthstone,Turtle Bay Exploration Park’s New Outdoor Exhibit: A Massive Sculptural Art Piece

Editor:  The following article is focused on a northern California event but as it combines art, music and the environment, perhaps it’s something you readers will appreciate. Enjoy!

Earthstone - a remarkable newly installed sculpture by artist Colleen Barry

Earthstone – a remarkable newly installed outdoor sculpture by artist Colleen Barry. Photo by Debra Atlas

Outdoor art is nothing new for Redding (California). Just look around at Caldwell Park or in front of the United Methodist Church.

Art can capture our imaginations and inspire us, although we’re often too busy for this to happen. But Turtle Bay Exploration Park is hoping folks around Redding – plus those who visit – will make the time for such worthy important things.

On a very hot Saturday, June 13, Turtle Bay launched its newest outdoor sculpture, Earthstone. Created by well-known Redding artist Colleen Barry, Earthstone sits in a circle with stones around the circle on a hillock, across from the Australian gardens, surrounded by new greenery and young trees, toward the eastern side of the McConnell Arboretum gardens.

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