New York’s biggest ecological blunder

Adam Purple above his now demolished Garden of Eden on NYC's Lower East Side, photo by Harry Wang

Adam Purple above his now demolished Garden of Eden on NYC’s Lower East Side, photo by Harry Wang

Community gardens have been a growing movement for decades. Even in the urban jungle of New York City, urban gardens have sprung up in the midst of the concrete jungle and have been providing fresh produce in areas where it had been almost impossible to find it.

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We need heroes for the environment. Meet 3 of them

The world needs heroes now more than ever. The new film ELEMENTAL shows the story of three inspiring eco-warriors who are taking on huge issues and facing equally as large obstacles to their success.

Occupy Wall Street – an Alternative Eco-unit?

The Occupy Wall Street protest has rapidly become a global phenomenon that offers a window into a different type of ecological unit: a totally organic type of social organization.

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“Thanks, guys” to two great people and two great websites

Two great websites gave me “shout outs” today. If you aren’t familiar with the term, that means they gave me / this blog a nice mention that got seen by a bunch of folks online.

So let me return the favor.

Thanks to Nigel Powell, owner and guru par excellence of the Red Ferret Journal for the nice mention of my radio feature, Eco Trends. Red Ferret, by the way, is an awesome resource for the latest, innovative, fascinating sometime silly gadgets and tech from around the world. (For full disclosure, I’m R.F.’s Ecological Editor, so you’ll find some of my posts there too). It’s been going strong for years and is worth checking out.

Thanks also to Shane Shirley-Smith of the cool site Environmental Booty for her link to my recent post on their campaign Virtual Patriotic Bake Sale to Benefit our Soldier’s Kids! The site’s awesome and this a campaign everyone should take a minute to get involved with. You’ll get some scrumtious cookies and make some kids really happy at the same time. Now THAT”S a win-win!

Up front and personal – Sustainable Eco-tourism


A view of San Jose, Costa Rica

A view of Costa Rica

The past 36 hours have been almost a blur. Tuesday morning – my first full day back from Bioneers 2009 – I discovered an email and invitation that left me speechless. 


As of next Monday, I’ll be in San Jose, Costa Rica blogging about the 1st annual Planet People Peace Conference on Sustainable Tourism. This international conference will focus on issues including:

  • best practices in sustainable development
  • Sustainable architecture and design
  • the challenges & opportunities of ecological and economical crises
  • international sustainable tourism and its challenges
  • eco-tourism certification


Quepos, one of the eco-resorts in Costa Rica

Quepos, one of the eco-resorts in Costa Rica

I’ll also have the opportunity to tour several eco-resorts in Costa Rica after the conference’s end and will get an up-close perspective of how it all works. It will definitely be a full and fascinating 8 days, so be sure to keep coming back to see how it plays out. And tell your friends and colleagues too.

This promises to be an amazing adventure!