Who are we in the face of upset and despair? Consider these Buddhist teachings


So many are still traumatized, deeply upset and concerned after the results of the election.

Responding to this despair isn’t easy. Moving forward is difficult, but incredibly necessary. After reading so many emails and newsletters online today, one came across that has words of hope in the face of darkness that many are reeling from.

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Now that the election’s over, how will we respond?


For many, the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President is nothing less than a travesty, evoking fear, dread and deep concerns. For others, it’s a time of celebration and hope for stability, strong values.

Whichever camp you fall in, the question is what will we do now?

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Despite political differences, we still have a good side

The news is filled with stories of violence, terrible acts and radicalism – much of it related to the candidates for President. The country is pretty well divided right now, much of it attributed to election tactics and related dirty political actions.

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