Green trends, sustainabilty and Ford

I’m currently attending the media-focused Forward with Ford conference in Dearborn, Michigan. Having never expected to be in or near the Motor City, this is a fascinating and very interesting experience.

But here’s a taste of what I’ve been observing and discovering – and what I’ll be blogging about over the coming days.

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Nissan to produce electric cars in the U.S.

Nissan announces plans to build electric cars in the U.S.     Photo Credit: Mark Renders / Getty Images News

Nissan announces plans to build electric cars in the U.S. Photo Credit: Mark Renders / Getty Images News

Nissan Motors plans to begin producing electric cars and their lithium ion batteries in the U.S.

Nissan North America’s headquarters in Smyrna, Tennessee will be the site of their new electric car assembly lines. The overall investment is projected at 50 billion yen ($516.4 million and could rise to 100 billion yen.

Capabile of making 50,000 to 100,000 eco-friendly vehicles a year by 2012, the Smyrna plant is expected to first produce a small passenger car. Nissan also intends to construct a production facility with NEC Corp for high-capacity lithium ion batteries at the Tennessee site.

The company has applied for a loan from the U.S. government under a low-interest-loan program to support the automobile industry.The Nikkei Business Daily reported Nissan will soon receive approval for a loan exceeding 100 billion yen. The company plans to assemble up to 50,000 electric cars a year in Japan starting in fall 2010.

Exciting news for green-minded drivers. Who’s going to jump on this bandwagon next?

San Jose kicks off their new Green Car Stations

One of San Jose's  new "green" car charging stations

One of San Jose's new "green" car charging stations

Following up on my post on my recent post about electric charging stations in San Jose, the South (San Francisco) Bay town has officially launched its first charging stations for electric cars and trucks.

Part of a pilot program with Coulomb Technologies Inc., the two new charging stations are located outside City Hall and at the Fourth Street garage downtown

Known as the ChargePoint Network, access to these stations will be via account subscriptions for drivers of electric cars and plug-in vehicles.

The company anticipates opening more “green” charging stations around San Jose by year’s end.

Electric Cars to Charge up in San Jose

Electric cars – one of the most promising hybrid cars being developed – are gaining favor with consumers.

There are a few hurdles yet to their being widely adopted, not the least of which is charging their batteries.

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