Historic New England village embraces renewable energy

This farmhouse, built in 1743, has been upgraded to solar

Built in 1743, Horowitz’s historic farmhouse now features solar power and LED lighting.

Adding solar and other renewable energy sources are getting to be easier and cheaper to own than ever before. But how well do these go with historic landmarks and century-old homes?

If you’re in Massachusetts, the answer is pretty well indeed.

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Every dog deserves durable American made, non-toxic toys

WestPaw Design logoIf you aren’t familiar with West Paw Design pet toys, you and your pet are missing out. I discovered them several years ago. They’re made without harmful chemicals such as phthalates or BPA.  My dogs have loved them! I do too as their Zogoflex line of toys are practically indestructible!

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PREFABULOUS – an innovative opportunity for green living

The idea of prefabricated housing evokes visions of chunky, unattractive buildings that detract from the aesthetics of the surrounding neighborhood. In some exclusive areas, prefab homes are banned on the pretext that they’ll bring down property values.

But with new technologies and creative effort, the reality is knocking old perceptions out.

The newly released book PREFABULOUS + ALMOST OFF THE GRID: Your Path to Building an Energy-Independent Home by Sheri Koones, features over 30 prefabricated homes that show how they can blend into a neighborhood or proudly stand out as a wonderful architectural star.

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Xtrema ceramics cookware offers a greener and more healthy way to cook

I love to cook, and I’m always on the lookout for things that will help me do a better, healthier job of it. I recently came across Xtrema, a durable, ceramic cookware that makes healthy cooking simple.

Xtrema is a highly versatile, good-looking line of cookware. It can be used on stovetops, in microwaves, barbecue grills, even put in the oven to bake. It can also go in the fridge and freezer, be put directly on the table (on a trivet of course) and is dishwasher safe. It can withstand very high temperatures and, unlike traditional nonstick cookware, you can’t scratch it.

To find out more about this durable and energy efficient cookware that helps create healthier meals, check out http://bit.ly/SGPXi8.

Unilever partners with Carrotmob to generate better sustainability with consumers

The saying “consumers vote with their dollars” is truer than ever these days. Manufacturers pay a great deal of attention to how and where consumers spend their hard-earned money and fine tune their products and marketing campaigns to meet their needs.

Unilever – a global consumer goods manufacturer – is deeply aware of this and recently partnered with non-profit Carrotmob to create sustainability campaigns that will attract green-minded consumers.

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Bubble buildings: Energy effiicient and disaster proof

One of the few remaining "bubble houses" left in the United States modeled after Neff's original concept

Since the mortgage bubble burst in 2008, the American dream of owning a home has, for many, become a pipe dream. Lots of folks face a future that doesn’t include their own backyard and picket fence. What’s more, environmental disasters ranging from Katrina and Rita to earthquakes and tornadoes have made investing in a home seem like risky business.

And that’s just the United States. According to Dr. Noel Brown, President and CEO of Friends of the United Nations, there is a shortage of 50 million housing units around the world.

However, there is a low-cost, energy-efficient, elegant-looking solution: concrete dome buildings.

To learn more about this energy efficient, economical and fascinating building option, and to see some amazing photographs, go to http://bit.ly/HnbDXG.

New Windows Generate Solar Power

EnergyGlass turns skyscrapers into electricity-generating solar farms

With the growing emphasis on alternative energy sources, rooftop solar arrays are springing up around the country. As useful and environmentally friendly as photovoltaic panels are, they don’t exactly blend in aesthetically. What’s more, they can sometimes be difficult to integrate with other rooftop equipment, and can sustain damage from exposure to the elements.

Florida-based SAF-GLAS, which creates disaster-resistant and security-related glass products, recently introduced EnergyGlass at a solar seminar at GlassBuild America.

For more on the amazing capabilities of this energy-efficient glass – including its ability to withstand natural disasters – see http://bit.ly/zRNd0i.