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Organic Bouquet provides environmentally and people friendly flowers

Organic Bouquet empowers flower farmers with fair trade practices, helping to create a steady, sustainable family income.

A study by Rutgers University  found that flowers ease depression, refresh memory, and inspire social interaction as people age. Flowers have also been shown to help seniors live a healthier, happier life. This makes sense, as natural beauty inspires the soul. A proponent of the recent Grandparents Day and other fun and important holidays, Organic Bouquet is the largest retailer of beautiful and sustainable flowers and gifts in the U.S.

To learn about Organic Bouquet’s sustainable flowers and initiatives and how it empowers flower farmers, especially women, see the full article at

Gaiam – eco-chic dressing for the Holidays

Gaiam's beautiful eco-friendly clothing that lets you look and feel great

With the holidays almost here, there are plenty of details to manage. There’s the food preparation, planning those important friends and family get-togethers and making sure you have all the decorations you need.

Then there’s dressing for the occasion – you want to look and feel great.

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Sustainable Travel – Protected Areas

costa-rica-corcovado-national-parkConference presenter Marco Araya spoke about the protected areas of Costa Rica.

SINAC operates eleven areas that encompass 167 protected areas. These include wetlands, watersheds and three biosphere reserves.

He mentioned that in 1988, legislation and the ICT created all the volcanic range of Costa Rica as one national park. This encompasses over 1 million hectors of protected land.

Costa Rica continues to expand the amount of environmentally protected areas for future generations.

More soon.

Speaking for the Rainforest

Surui ChiefAmong the speakers at the opening sessions of this morning’s Bioneers conference, perhaps the one that moved me most was by Chief Almir Narayamoga Surui, chief of the Surui (pronounced suhr’ ye) tribe of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest.

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Royal Caribbean makes environmental headway

I have to admit when I first read about this, my first take was “what’s the big deal on 4%!” But there’s more “juice” to this than I originally thought.

In their 2008 Stewardship Report, Royal Caribbean Cruises. Ltd. announced they had reduced fuel consumption by four percent, NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions by three percent, and water consumption by six percent. BUT they’ve also reduced refrigerant loss by 33 percent and solid waste generation by 32 percent!  Much more impressive accomplishments, don’t you think?

The Celebrity Solstice - the first cruise ship with solar panels and a "green" roof

The Celebrity Solstice - the first cruise ship with solar panels and a "green" roof

As part of their environmental commitment, Royal Caribbean’s Celebrity Solstice is the first cruise ship to sport solar panels, a “green” roof and a dedicated environmental venue. But their newest ship, the Oasis of the Seas, goes even further to reduce its carbon footprint.

These efforts include a new hull design with environmentally safe coatings to improve performance and reduce energy use and air emissions, smokeless gas turbine engines, and solar window films that keep the ship cooler while reducing fuel consumption and associated emissions.

The cruise line is also replacing onboard halogen and incandescent light bulbs with LED and compact florescent lights to reduce heat production and energy consumption. These replacements have resulted in up to 80 percent reduced energy, a 50 percent reduction in heat generation and also less maintenance. The new lighting can also be recycled or returned to the vendor to be rebuilt.

Since cruise ships are responsible for emitting three times more CO2 than airplanes, these gains represent a real step forward – one that other cruise lines would do well to emulate.

Green Farms in Brooklyn?


A very cool idea – environmentally-sound rooftop farms in Brooklyn.

Check out the video – you’ll be impressed!

RIP Michael Jackson

michael-jackson-101x1501A small departure for this environmentally-related blog but one I feel strongly about.

Watching the memorial to Michael Jackson on tv, I was struck over and over again by the loss of the potential that he was with his life. Seeing the retrospective of his life, hearing the heartfelt tributes made by so many, one thing continued to unfold. That Michael Jackson, the man, had tremendous heart, that he cared deeply and gave selflessly to so many around the world.

We grieve for the passing of that light in the world, and for his family. Rest in peace, Michael.