Germany plans to abstain on vote that could approve growing another genetically engineered crop

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And here I thought that Europeans had a better handle on the hazards of GMO crops than we do.

Yesterday, a government spokesman said that Germany intends to abstain in a European Union vote next Tuesday on the cultivation of a new type of genetically modified maize. Some German opposition politicians said an abstention could lead to the European Commission giving a green light for the maize to be farmed. However diplomats in Brussels said Germany’s move might not be enough to ensure EU approval.

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Britain to restore lost waterways

 Medlock River, a "lost river", will be reclaimed

The Medlock River culvert – one of England’s “lost rivers” – will be reclaimed

The industrial Age brought many benefits to our society. But they came at great cost, particularly as we’re seeing now with our environment. One of these not so apparent costs was the covering over of natural rivers and waterways throughout Europe to make room for expansion. Now, to comply with the European Union Water Framework Directive which aims to breathe life back into natural waterways across the continent by 2027, hundreds of these will be brought back to life, many of them in Britain.

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A new plastic – made from cheese

photo by Steve SnodgrassEvery industry faces the same problem when it comes to waste material. Traditionally these leftovers have ended up filling our landfills. But the tide on this has been steadily turning, with companies implementing sustainability initiatives and green practices.

A small group of companies in Spain’s Catalonia region partnered to come up with a solution to the waste problem in the cheese industry and discover ways to reuse the by-product.

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Speak up about Genetically Modified (GMO) Food

The United States is the top producer of genetically-modifed food crops in the world

The United States is behind the rest of much of the world.

Not in everything, to be sure, but in enough of the things that matter – green innovation and environmental regulations to name a few. There is one other critical category where  we’re behind the curve – food labeling for genetically-modified (GMO) food products.

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